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6 Items that will make healing more comfortable:

#1   Velcro Free Front Closing Camisole

Though they may not be the prettiest garments, a quality post-surgical camisole can be a great asset for your healing. It should be pocketed for fluff pads/breast forms and come with drain pouches. We recommend the ABC 952 for immediately after surgery.

#2  Cup Free Front Closure Bra

The camisole above serves its purpose, but what about that in-between period when you aren't ready to go back to bras, but you are ready to head back into public with your normal clothes? A leisure bra like the ABC 110 or Amoena 2128 is a great option. It is pocketed, has no hooks, claps, or adjustments in the back which make it a great bra to sleep in as well. The drain pouches also fit securely on the bra band.

#3 A Lanyard

I bet you didn't expect this to be on the list, but a lanyard serves an important purchase in healing. When you are cleared to take a partial shower, using a lanyard to hold your drain tubes is a great trick. Your surgeon will likely suggest you keep the surgical site dry, but a lanyard will help keep the bulbs supported while you wash the rest of your body.


#4 A Mastectomy Pillow

There are a few customers of ours who sew these wonderful pillows for ladies going through a mastectomy. They are used for under seat belts, to hold ice packs, or just to add a bit of pressure on the chest while relaxing on the couch or in bed. 

Mastectomy Pillow.jpg

#5 A Bed Wedge 

These wedges are far more comfortable than trying to support your back with a series of lumpy pillows. Reclining back and sitting up are incredibly hard and uncomfortable, a bed wedge can put you in a position where you can do both a bit easier. 

Bed Wedge.jpg

#6 Personal Care Products 


This may seem like a no-brainer, but try to anticipate every personal care situation that could make you feel dirty or uncomfortable, then plan for it. For example, medication often makes you constipated, laying around the house may make your sinuses stuffy, you won't be allowed to shower for a while, but your arm pits may get smelly and need a wet wipe. Consult with your doctor to find out if it's okay for you to take constipation medicine if need be, decongestant sprays, etc. A list of useful products are:

- Summer's Eve Personal Wipes
- Baby Wipes
- Decongestant Spray such as Afrin
- Chapstick 
- Lotion for itchy skin
- Dry Shampoo

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