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Compression Stockings

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Compression Arm Sleeves

Lymphedema Compression Pumps

Donning Devices / Fitting Lotions

Mastectomy Bras

Breast Prostheses

Pocketed Swimwear

Arterial Pumps - Limb Salvage Devices

Bra Accessories & Panties


Whether your swelling or leg pain comes from venous insufficiency, lymphedema, or air travel, we will help you find the right compression garment to help you feel great again!

We specialize in complex fittings and

custom garments for any part of the body.

Compression Stockings

Arm Sleeves

About 20% of women who undergo axillary lymph node dissection, will develop swelling of the arm. Wearing gradient compression garments can manage swelling for those with lymphedema and help reduce the chance of developing lymphedema for those who do not present symptoms.

Compression Arm Sleeves

Compression Pumps
(Lymphedema Pumps/Pneumatic Compression Devices)

For those with lymphedema or ulcers from chronic venous insufficiency, pneumatic compression devices can make a world of difference. The newer technology and scientific findings behind the pumps make them a promising product to consider. Our specialists would love to help you find the best option for your needs.

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Have you heard of the LymphaPod?

Treat bilateral legs, genitals, and trunk. 40 chambers, one garment, one device.

Compression Pumps

Compression Accessories
(Donning Devices, Fitting Lotion, Skin Adhesive)

From donning and doffing devices, to fitting lotions and skin glue, Heide's carries tools to help you put on and take off your compression garments.

Compression Acessories
womens-bras-close-up-many-different-beautiful-CA38V75 (1).jpg

Our bras are pocketed to gently support breast prostheses and offer a comfortable fit. We offer sizing from 28 to 54 band and A to M cup. 

Bras & Camisoles

Mastectomy Bras

Breast Prosthetics
& Partial Shapers

Whether you prefer the natural feel of silicone, the light weight of a foam form or just need a little extra shape of a partial form, Heide's has it! We are happy to help you find the best prosthesis for your individual needs.

Breast Form Fitting.jpg
Breast Prostheses

Custom Made Breast Prosthetics

We are thrilled to be a preferred provider of Amoena and American Breast Care's custom breast prosthetics. Using 3D scanning technologies and hands on prosthetic manufacturing, we can create the most realistic, customized prosthetics possible. Whether you have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or failed reconstruction, a custom prosthetic offers symmetry and evenness, four silicone weight options, skin tone options, choice to include a nipple (choose color, size, projection, moles).

Lymphedema Fitters Portal Live Now (1).png

Custom Made Nipple Prosthetics

Have you heard of nipple prosthetics? Whether you have had reconstruction, wear breast prosthetics, or would like to modify the appearance of your nipples, custom nipples are a great options. Choose the color, size, projection, veins, and moles.

Pocketed Swimwear

Our swimwear is pocketed to secure breast prostheses in the suit so you can swim, lounge, and relax in comfort. With several dozen cuts and prints available, we have a suit for each and every body type, from size missy's 6 to a women's 32.


Bra Accessories & Panties

It feels great to have a fabulous fitting bra, and it feels even better to match it with a fashionable and comfortable panty too! View our selection of panties to match our pocketed bras.

We also carry prosthetic wash, breast form adhesive, nipple prosthetics and more!

Bra Accessores & Panties
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