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Burn Garments

Providing relief and healing garments.

Burn Products We Offer:

Compressive garments for any and all parts of the body

Silicone scar patches

Specialty burn cream for 1st and 2nd degree burns and donor sites (Consult with Physician prior to use)

Brands we carry:

Mediven, Jobst, Bio-Concepts, Design Veronique, Sigvaris, Knit-Rite, Juzo, Gottfried, Lohman & Rauscher

Will my insurance cover my garments?

Insurance payers will cover burn garment in most cases. Contact us to check your specific benefits with your health insurance and private insurance, medical assistance, and Medicare policies vary.

Coverage criteria for Medicare: Compression burn garments are covered under the Surgical Dressings benefit when they are used to reduce hypertrophic scarring and joint contractures following a burn injury.

Meet The Team

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