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3 Bras to Stay Comfortable During Quarantine

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

We have many weeks of quarantine ahead while we buckle down and practice social distancing. Below are some comfortable bras that don't "feel" like you're wearing a bra.

1. Amoena Valletta

This pocketed camisole can hold a prosthesis on one or both sides. It is made in a luxuriously soft modin fabric. It has a supportive shelf bra to keep things in place. You will love this tank for layering under clothes, or lounging around the house.

Sizes: 8 - 24

Colors: White, Nude, Charcoal Grey, Black, Yellow, Blush, Taupe, Apricot, Powder Blue, Fuschia, and more depending on stock of seasonal colors.

2. Amoena Becky

Meet the bra that feels like you are not wearing anything! The Amoena Becky is pocketed on both sides, has very little stitching and no strap adjustments. It's smooth, it's soft, and it great for everyday wear!

Sizes: Small - XL

Colors: Beige

3. Amoena Frances and ABC 110

Our second best seller every year, the ABC 110 and the Frances bra are soft, front hook bras that are high in cotton content and have no strap adjustments. This means no strap adjustments to dig into your back, no struggling to hook the bra and twist it around.

Pure bliss!

Sizes: X-Small A/B - E/F Cup - 2-XL A/B - E/F Cup

Colors: White, Beige, Grey, Black, Navy, Blue, Pink, Black/Neon Hearts, Lace Taupe, Blue/White Python, Blue White Pattern, Mint.

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