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Mastectomy Bras, there are how many styles?

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

The past several years have brought quite a bit of innovation and style to post mastectomy care. From the delicate lace on Amoena's seasonal bras, to the ultra comfortable pocketed tank tops. This post will talk through the categories of styles on the market today.

Narrowing the Field

There are so many variables in choosing the right bra, to break it down, we ask a series of questions during your fitting to help identify bras that check all or most of the boxes regarding the following questions. To help choose the right bra we ask:

1. Front Closure, Back Closure, or Pull Over?

2. Moulded Cup (foam) or Soft Cup (fabric)?

3. Preference on colors or materials?

4. Do you typically gravitate toward a specific bra style? (Sports bras, seamless bras, etc)?

Bra Style Catagories

Let's take a look at the many categories of bras on the market.

Moulded Cup


Offers a smooth, seamless shape. Can provide evenness regardless of breast prostheses style in the cup.


Harder to get a good fit, rarely comfortable and supportive for those with larger busts.

Soft Cup Bra


Offered with and without a seam across the cup, variety of strap widths, far more color, material, and size options.


If prosthesis size doesn't match remaining side, it is very noticeable. Must match the form and cup size exactly.

Front Hook Leisure Bras


Easy closure for those with challenges getting bras on. No strap adjustments on the back make it a great bra to sleep in. Often used for post surgical care.


Prosthesis may not be as supported and

may shift in bra.

Pullover Bras


Soft, no hooks, great bra to sleep in.


Harder to get on, may not offer the level of support and separation of a traditional bra.

Pocketed Camisole Bra


No need to wear a bra under it, prosthesis fit securely in the pockets. Covered by insurance companies as a bra.


The camisoles are known to run tight in the band of the shelf bra.

Sports Bras


Can be very comfortable, supportive, and more versatile than one would think. Front or back hook options.


May not give the separation and lift many women search for in a bra.

We have touched on the advantages and disadvantages of just a few different styles. There are many additional variations of bra that Heide's offers, and is happy to talk you through. If you are curious about what style could help you with your specific needs, reach out in the chat button and ask us! We are happy to help, at Heide's, we care.

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