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Medi Custom Toe Caps

Medi Custom Toe Caps

The Medi® flat knit custom garments are the ideal solution for providing the required gradient compression along with an exact, comfortable fit for an individual’s unique needs in helping to manage Lymphedema and other edemas

Offering the same features and benefits as the ready-made Medi® compression garments, the Medi® flat knit custom garments provide the ideal solution of a customized option to help manage severe cases of Lymphedema, venous conditions, and burn/scar management. Made with patented ClimaComfort® knit and ClimaFresh® technology for moisture and temperature control and odor management, and offering many different optional features (extra charges may apply), the Medi® flat knit custom toe cap is sure to meet your individual compression and sizing needs.

Fabric Options

The Mediven® 550 is the specialist for helping to treat all forms of edema. Featuring a comfortable textured material that provides a micro-massaging effect, Mediven® 550 is also robust and durable for maximum containment. Ideal for fibrotic tissues, lobes and challenging shapes, it is a popular custom choice for moderate to severe Lymphedema.

Mondi Esprit® is the gentle solution for helping to manage moderate Lymphedema, and is ideally suited for soft and sensitive skin. Featuring a soft flat-knit fabric that provides a micro-massaging effect, Mondi Esprit® is still strong for maximum containment, yet comfortable to wear.

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