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Lympha Press LymphaPants

Lympha Press LymphaPants


  • Designed on the principles of manual lymph drainage, Lympha Pants® treat the lower body including the entire trunk, abdomen, hips, and genital area.
  • Lympha Pants® (24 Chambers)  contain overlapping compression chambers for fluent, comfortable massage.
  • Patent protected one size garment to accommodate most sizes.

    SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY – For use with:

  • Lympha Press Optimal® 
  • Lympha Press ® Max201
  • Our patented “custom boot” feature forms a boot to fit each patient’s leg length. This makes Lympha Pants™ ideal for use in clinics as well as at home.
  • Expanders are available to increase circumference.
  • Lympha Pants™ have a zipper opening for catheter access.
  • Adjustable boot accommodates most leg lengths.
  • Easy to use – like wearing a pair of pants!
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