L&R Solaris Bustier - Vertical Style (TT-LH)

L&R Solaris Bustier - Vertical Style (TT-LH)

Why use TributeNight™?

  • To maintain reduced fluid volume and shape of upper and lower extremity limbs
  • Management of lymphedema
  • Help soften indurate tissue and help improve circulation.


  • Arterial Insufficeincy or degeneration
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Untreated congestive heart failure
  • Untreated localized or systemic infection
  • Untreated cancer
  • Absent or severaly imparred sensation
  • Severe cognitive impairment
  • Stop use if rash, numbness, or skin color change occurs
  • Fit and Features

    • Shoulderless design ideal for women with firm breasts who have had lumpectomies, breast reconstruction or augmentation
    • Extension of garment to the hips is recommended to cross the watershed at the waist
    • Zipper modification comes standard

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