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Lympha Press PCD-52 Pump

Lympha Press PCD-52 Pump

Advanced compression, individualized therapy.

Lympha Press® PCD-52™ is a calibrated gradient compression pump designed for easy, effective self-care at home.

It provides maximum treatment choices, to address a spectrum of clinical situations and patient compliance needs including fibrosis, painful areas, and personal schedules, while its Lympha Press® Smart Technology™ automatically checks garment and limb size and adjusts treatment for exact pressure over the entire treated area.

PCD-52™ includes a usage meter and tamper-resistant lock mechanism to prevent unintended changes in programmed settings. It’s ideal for travel, and is multivoltage.


Therapists and patients can choose among a variety of effective compression options including:

  • Sequential: Efficient distal to proximal compressive massage; fills chambers one after the other, and then deflates.
  • Peristaltic : Wave™ peristaltic mode for comfortable and effective treatment in patients with distal discomfort. Only three cells inflated at any , moving in a waveform up the limb to the torso
  • Pretherapy™: Based on the principles of the manual lymph drainage, this exclusive cycle decongests the proximal areas as a preparation for the sequential or peristaltic cycles
  • Post – Therapy™ : Five minutes of additional therapy to a specific area after the main treatment is completed. Therapy concludes with a distal to proximal “sweep” based on manual lymph drainage techniques.


PCD-52™ can be used with all Lympha Press® four and eight chamber garments:

Four Chamber Garments:

Lympha Press® , 4 Chamber Leg Sleeve

Lympha Press® , 4 Chamber Arm Sleeve

Personal™ , 4 Chamber Leg Sleeve

Eight Chamber Garments:

Lympha Press® , 8 Chamber Leg Sleeve


PCD Pants 


    Lympha Press PCD-52 features:

    • The PCD-52™ system is compatible with all our 4 and 8 chamber garments.
    • Set pressure in each chamber or in four groups of two chambers each
    • Choice of sequential cycle or peristaltic cycle
    • Add Pretherapy™ for proximal decongestions and Post-Therapy™ Focus for repeated massage over resistant areas
    • Adjustable pause and hold time, therapy lock and compliance meter
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